(new) new year’s resolutions

I hate New Year’s Eve. It’s a really terrible, anxiety-inducing holiday. I am always inclined to come up with nebulous goals about how I want to be healthier, productive, less procrastinating, blah blah blah, less this more that, less that more this version of myself.

So this year, I literally time traveled straight through the new year. I didn’t do it because I hate NYE, but it was a nice perk. The pilot didn’t alert the sleeping passengers when the clock struck midnight; the plane was somewhere over a frozen abyss, and I was the happiest clam of all clams sitting on a flight to Shanghai (more on this later). So the whole catastrophic list of uninspiring resolutions was avoided entirely. Although technically, my new year hasn’t even begun yet, since everyone’s birthday is their actual new year… and this time around, I’ll be 21.

This year is a full one. Just picture: graduation, papers on papers, moving out of college housing, last semester jitters… Then, I stumbled upon a list, found here, and I decided it would be a perfect way to keep myself afloat amidst the thesis deadlines, the job applications, the lectures, the five-hour bus rides, and the “everything else” that seems to take over the days. So, here it is. An abridged list of things I want to do before my next birthday. Also known as: “how I didn’t actually skip the new year’s resolutions after all.” What’s on your list?


  1. get a slice of Grimaldi’s pizza
  2. go to the Brooklyn flea
  3. see a Broadway show
  4. ride the row boats in Central Park
  5. go on top of a roof
  6. visit Coney Island
  7. visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty
  8. go ice-skating at the Rockefeller Center
  9. join the much-dreaded NYC Brunch Corps (read: go to brunch and drink unlimited mimosas)
  10. go to a concert
  11. eat xiaolongbaos in Flushing until I pop
  12. pull an all-nighter… but not for a paper/school related thing
  13. visit at least one other place in NYC with an old black & white film photo booth
  14. eat something from momofoku milk bar
  15. go to a karaoke bar and sing a song
  16. visit the Etsy HQ
  17. bake a soufflé that doesn’t deflate
  18. see something at Madison Square Garden
  19. go to a Columbia University basketball game
  20. eat a picnic in Central Park/Battery Park/Gramercy Park
  21. plan a party, tangible invitations and all
  22. eat a cupcake at “Eat Your Cake” in Harlem *BONUS ROUND* See Tina Fey there
  23. start a paper the exact same day it is assigned; then bask in my non-procrastination
  24. send a handmade birthday card
  25. cook at least five new dishes (things I have never cooked) before Spring Break
  26. go hiking
  27. change my bike tires
  28. go on a long bike-ride (on my newly fixed up bicycle!)
  29. learn how to drive a manual car
  30. go fishing
  31. make macarons
  32. learn to snowboard
  33. take swim lessons
  34. take a pottery class
  35. get a puppy post-graduation
  36. learn Spanish
  37. make rock candy
  38. learn to play volleyball
  39. study somewhere-other-than a Columbia/Barnard library
  40. go to a speakeasy
  41. make a new friend
  42. go apple picking
  43. start an urban garden
apple picking last year

apple picking last year


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