it’s the most wonderful time of the year (re: Valentine’s Day)


Valentine’s Day has been my favorite day of the year for almost forever (not sure when I decided to officially declare it as the best). It’s an under-celebrated/under-appreciated holiday in my opinion. What kind of Grinch hates a day for love? If it were up to me, we’d all still get hand-drawn valentines delivered by hand or snail mail, sugar would be a main component of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the entire day would be dedicated to people, places, and things that are loved. In an ideal world, of course. Since I have control over my world, that is exactly how the day was spent.

February 14th also happens to be my momma bear’s birthday, so while I didn’t get to see her this time around, she was certainly in my thoughts. When my brothers and I were little, we would always wake up to small gifts set out on the table for us, despite the fact that it was her birthday. Candy bars, stuffed animals, and one year, jars full of brand new polished pennies in all of their copper glory, accompanied by a tabletop gum ball machine. My mom is brilliant, and undoubtedly the best mom ever … you know how these things are. So, this is how I spent my Valentine’s Day. Hope yours was just as sweet!











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