when life gives you lemons.

Make tea.

The lists on my end are never ending these days. I have lists with side-lists, old lists superimposed onto new lists, and lists of lists. It’s getting a little out of control, but it beats having nothing to do at all (or so I’m telling myself, let’s just go with this for now).

I had some mint leaves left over in my fridge from a few weekends ago. I had the best of intentions to use those mint leaves to make mojitos, but time has a way of slipping by, and so the days passed with no mojitos in sight.

So, I made this really quick drink in between my to-dos and must-dos, and it turned out pretty well — a spicy, tangy-sweet, and minty drink. I’m pretty sure it would be quite good chilled, too.





2 lemon wedges
12-15 mint leaves
ground cinnamon
a cup of boiled water


Squeeze the lemon wedges into boiling water, add mint leaves & let brew for a few minutes. It will be a really light color, but it will have a lot of flavor. Then, add cinnamon and honey to taste.


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