Baked with love: red wine & chocolate cake


After making a monumental life decision, however not-set-in-stone it may be, Keith and I decided to bake a cake to celebrate many things: the end of summer, my acceptance to a university to begin my post bacc, and good news with regards to a project he has been working on non-stop. Plus, to be honest, our pantry is finally getting to the point where I can spontaneously make a cake. It was a rough few months before I fully moved in during which baking a cake was a rather large ordeal that involved buying almost every single ingredient. Luckily, however, this time all that I had to stock up on was some baking soda because we had run out. I love well-stocked pantries, and it’s even nicer owning one.

The cake turned out wonderfully. I got the recipe here, but I used the icing recipe from here. Both were easy to make, and they stayed fresh for about four days after we made it. We kept the icing separate from the cake since it needed to be refrigerated, and it really was something else — extremely creamy, hence the cream cheese, but also very light because of the whipping cream. This has easily stolen the spot of my personal go-to cake from now on.

One side note, it took us 40 minutes to bake the cake, and we used an 8″ round, dark pan. Not quite sure how theirs baked in only 25 minutes because ours was still a puddle of chocolate.


when life gives you lemons.

Make tea.

The lists on my end are never ending these days. I have lists with side-lists, old lists superimposed onto new lists, and lists of lists. It’s getting a little out of control, but it beats having nothing to do at all (or so I’m telling myself, let’s just go with this for now).

I had some mint leaves left over in my fridge from a few weekends ago. I had the best of intentions to use those mint leaves to make mojitos, but time has a way of slipping by, and so the days passed with no mojitos in sight.

So, I made this really quick drink in between my to-dos and must-dos, and it turned out pretty well — a spicy, tangy-sweet, and minty drink. I’m pretty sure it would be quite good chilled, too.





2 lemon wedges
12-15 mint leaves
ground cinnamon
a cup of boiled water


Squeeze the lemon wedges into boiling water, add mint leaves & let brew for a few minutes. It will be a really light color, but it will have a lot of flavor. Then, add cinnamon and honey to taste.